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PHiadukt | Anytime, everywhere and transparent | PHILIPPGROUP

PHiadukt takes you to your destination safely

Anytime. Everywhere. Transparent

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10 arguments for PHiadukt

  • 24/7 availability and worldwide transparency for your order status

  • Overview of all articles in process

  • Notification by email if a preferred delivery date can't be met

  • Centralized purchase for multiple corporations

  • Price transparency by current prices for all products in our range

  • Current surcharges online available

  • Display of customer-specific article numbers

  • Product search AI-based

  • Self-learning checkout order process with quantity suggestions

  • Display of alternative articles in case of a supply bottleneck

4 steps to your order

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  • Order step 3
  • Order step 4

Benefit of PHiadukt

Register now to our unique online portal. You can make your day-to-day work easier and help us to adapt PHiadukt to your needs.

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Wire rope designer

Your individual wire rope

Design your wire ropes in just 3 steps:
quick, intuitive and anytime

Benefit from an amount-specific bulkprice overview to always get the best price possible

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We improve for you constantly

Your feedback is taken serious - so we are constantly adapting PHiadukt to new needs and setting new standards.

These new features are available in short time:

Increasing the product range

Improved order support

Configuration of deliveries to job side

Express delivery

Everything under control

Intuitive handling and administration

Manage your account yourself, your orders and your users. If you need any support, your steward will enter your account (Impersonate) and support you without missunderstanding and loosing time.


  • Individual user management
  • Delivery addresses connected to user
  • Order history (Mail, phone, FAX and new: PHiadukt)
  • Account support by your steward